See if you can beat the bot. Yes. you can take it offline and actually finish the game

Most common feedback I got from the prototype was you can't get past the light, character freezes  and dies. Don't give up yet.There is a way to turn off the ray and  take the bot offline and actually go to the end. Figure it out.

First time developing a game, experimenting on creating classic prince of persia kinda game with more stealth maybe. this is the first prototype. I haven't come up with a story  or a gameplan yet

Maybe it's a treasure hunter in a lost forgotten city in the middle of desert. Maybe he's here to lift a curse he had. I dont know. any ideas are welcome.

I am just a beginner. be gentle...and expect bugs

Known Bugs
-attack projectile is seen a bit late in the web version. It comes right out of hand in desktop. I am not sure why. I will fix it in the next update.
- death animation replays on spawn bug. will fix this as well

Development log

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